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More Totem Videos

When I designed the Totem I had six or seven ideas in mind for how it would be used. In the early days I offered “Totem Workshops” to teach those systems. Students in the first workshop came up with a dozen more ways to use it. So, in the second workshop I had more systems to teach, which inspired that group of students to come up with even more. I continue to be inspired by the many creative systems and techniques people are developing with their Totems.


Kung Fu Totem

In this video, students in Hong Kong are doing a very good Bruce Lee impression while finding yet another use for their Totems.

The Totem was not conceived as a martial arts weapon, but it is comforting to know that you can create improvised nunchuks for self-defense if you ever encounter problems in a dark alley.


All of the videos below were created by other people. They depict systems and techniques that we may not have tested ourselves for either efficacy or safety. Use the information presented in the videos with extreme caution. If you choose to try any of the systems or techniques depicted you should practice somewhere safe, low-angle and close to the ground until you are certain you fully understand how things work and the risks involved.

In the vertical realm, mistakes could result in serious injury or death … and that would really suck.