Versatile Tools for Working and Playing on Rope

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The Totem

The original Totem is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of rigging devices. Deceptively simple looking, the Totem is remarkably versatile. Use it for belaying, releasable rigging and hauling systems, or as a rigging plate. Use it for rappelling – it’s simple to add friction mid-rappel and simple to lock off. You can even ascend with it.

Designed by ART of RopeWork instructor Rich Carlson and produced by Rock Exotica, the Totem is available through Rich’s Canyons & Crags and worldwide through your local Rock Exotica dealer.

Tech Info

MBS: 30kN
Weight: 4.5 oz (128 gm)
Height: 7.5” (190 mm)
Width: 2.5” (64 mm)

Rope: 8mm to 10.5mm

Color: Teal

Belay, Haul, Ascent

As a belay device, one of the unique features of the Totem is it’s ability to be used as a lever in plaquette belay mode. If the belay operator needs to lower the climber, they simply need to pull up on the long end of the Totem instead of running cord through…

Totem Descent Modes

The Totem has over 10 different descent modes. From auto-locking to quick attach/detach, the Totem has a mode to suit short or long rappels on small or large diameter ropes. It is easy to vary friction mid rappel or lock off. The unique length of the Totem allows it…

Releasable Contingencies

The Totem is capable of several releasable contingencies offering different levels of friction. It is smart to rig for rescue and be prepared for any challenge a canyon descent throws at you. Whether the rope is not long enough or someone’s hair gets caught in…

More Tools for You

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In production now.

Cult of Totem – The Passion

It is gratifying to know that the Totem has so many fans who love it and continually come up with innovative new ways to use it. It is also gratifying to see all the different ways those fans show their passion for its design, treating it as a work of art. The Totem truly has a loyal cult following.